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The Society of Aeronautical Engineering Students at the University of Sydney

WINDSOC is a student run organisation that is about having fun, making new friends, and getting to know your lecturers and tutors outside the classroom. They aren't as scary as you think! We endeavour to provide some of the services that will help you during your time at Uni, and make it as enjoyable as possible. If you are enrolled in Aeronautical or Aeronautical (Space) Engineering, or just like planes, WINDSOC is the society for you. Don't be put off joining if you don't have an ACCESS Card, we're independent, and don't care for such things. You can join at our stall at 0-Week, or at one of our barbecues or other events. If one of the execs are in the Aero Common Room, you can sign up there too.

WINDSOC Annual Membership Fee = $2

Lockers: As carting textbooks to and from Uni in your bag is often a pain, there are a limited number of lockers available in the Aero Common Room which are available free of charge on a first-in first-served basis. To snag yourself a locker, grab a padlock, find an empty non-taken locker (important!), and slap your lock on. Make sure to also either write your name on the locker acquisition sheet (usually located on fridge) or chuck us an e-mail at leaving your name, SID, mobile number and what locker (alpha-numeric designation, please) you're acquiring. Failure to comply with these rules will probably result in the loss of your padlock, and your locker. And when you've finished with your locker (at the end of your degree, or otherwise) please remove your stuff and your padlock, or again you'll lose it.

Fridge: If you're in need of a good sugar hit, check out the fridges in the Aero Common Room for cold soft drinks and chocolates. Prices are pretty awesome at $1 a can, 50c a chocolate, or $1.20 for three chocolates. Perfect for making your next study session go down a little smoother. The common room also has a microwave, kettle and sandwich toaster for those cold winter days. But if you use them, make sure you clean up after yourself, or everyone will get cross.

Events: Every few weeks, WINDSOC holds a barbecue. Other activities often present at these events are backyard cricket, frisbee, paper plane comps, twister, etc. And every now and again we throw a free barbecue (well, free snags and patties) for members to say thank you. So come along, get yourself some food and drink, talk to your friends, make new ones, have lots of fun, and try not to pester the odd lecturer who drops by about assignment questions.


Mech Eng Lawns (see image)
Mech Eng Entry (if wet)

BBQ Pricing:
$1 Sausage Sandwich
$1 Vegetarian Patty
$1 Soft Drink

Members Only Deals:
$1.50 Sausage Sandwich x2 	

Although barbecues are mainly our thing, be on the lookout for other events like pub crawls, XBox competitions, the annual common room birthday party, and more!


WINDSOC Constitution

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AMME General Office
Building J07, Level 4, S452
Darlington Campus
Phone and email
Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
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International: + (612) 9351 2341

Australian Center for Field Robotics
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International: + (612) 9351 7126


General Office Opening Hours
The School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering reception is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm (excluding public holidays).